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One Piece, 3 Ways: The Cardiff Work Coat

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The word "work" in clothing usually calls to mind something that is designed for one purpose: to get things done.  And while that still rings true for the Cardiff Work Coat, it's other main draw is its versatility.  Pieces that blend function with beauty are the wardrobe heroes that I'm most likely to reach for over and over.  Lee Vosburgh, blogger and most stylish lady ever behind, has been putting her coat to work in some surprising ways that are totally worth sharing. 


1. Over a Dress:  This combo is all about long, lean lines.  Pair your favorite waist accentuating dress with some cute flats and top it all off with the Cardiff Coat.  The belt helps break things up and hints at a silhouette, plus brown and off white are a match made in wardrobe heaven!

2.  Colorblocked:  Take a cue from MoMA and play around with color. Off white goes with anything and everything, especially black.  The high contrast keeps things interesting but in a classic way, you don't always need a loud print to stand out.

3. Easy Breezy:  Pairing the Cardiff Coat with loose pieces is a fun way to balance out a flowy silhouette.  It adds another defining set of lines that lengthen and keep things feeling fresh and pulled together.  Plus, this looks like it's the most comfortable outfit ever made.

How are some ways that you wear your favorite pieces?


All images provided by Lee of Style Bee.


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