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My Favorite Ethical Shoe Brands

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Making the switch to shopping responsibly can seem like a totally daunting task, it definitely takes more work and effort than the typical trip to the mall.  But, in my opinion, shopping from makers and small brands when you can is totally worth the work.  I love knowing that my money is going to be appreciated by the maker receiving it and in turn I'm getting a well made, treasured addition for my closet.  While responsibly made clothing and jewelry is becoming more prevalent, I find that shoes are a little harder to come by.  I've rounded up a little list of my favorites that I've discovered over the years.  Some I've made purchases from already and some I haven't, but I feel confident that each brand is high quality and someone I hope to support in the future.

1. Sevilla Smith


To say that I'm obsessed with my Sevilla Smith shoes is an understatement.  I had total googly eyes over them for a year before I finally saved up and got a pair and I definitely don't regret it.  They're incredibly comfortable and mold to your foot with none of that awful breaking in period that you usually experience with leather.  I've got them paired above with some vintage jeans and the Sutton Blouse.


2. Zou Xou

Zou Xou focuses on modern and refined pieces.  Each style is designed in New York and handcrafted in Buenos Aires.  I first discovered them at Renegade Craft and am kicking myself for not getting a pair!  But, I can say from what I saw in person that each piece was beautifully made and well designed.

3. Bryr

Gah, I just love Bryr!  Each pair is handmade by owner Isobel and her small team in San Francisco.  If you're ever in the area, you can even stop by and visit their studio to try on styles or get a customized pair.  Pictured above are two of her most popular styles, paired with the Mara Tunic on the left and Olivia Dress on the right.

Do you have any shoe brands that you love?  Comment with your favorites!

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  • Ashley Chustz: September 26, 2016

    I just recently became aware of responsible shopping and slow fashion. Buying from small companies is definitely more of an investment, but the pieces are constructed with more care and tend to last longer. I have never thought about shoes in this manner- only clothes! Thank you for introducing some great names. I will definitely check these out!

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