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Spring / Summer 2017 Inspiration

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Whenever I design a new collection, the first place I turn to for inspiration is the past.  There's something about the tried and true silhouettes from the 1940s through the 1960s that always strikes a chord with me.  They were such transformative decades for fashion: from the waist-accentuating suits of the 1940s to the loose and swingy dresses of the late 1960s.  Things took a complete turn from one year to the next but one thing stayed constant: the clothes were all amazing.

1940s print ad and the Cedros Pant and Luzon Tie Front Top

The 1940s were all about wearing pants and skirts high on the waist with a tucked in top that drew out the shoulders.  It's one of my favorite decades for fashion because women started wearing pants as they entered the workforce.  Originally inspired by menswear, many early 1940s pants were wide leg and designed for utility.  They began to taper in at the ankle as the pant trend took hold and became a part of women's wardrobes outside of work.  I designed the Cedros Pant and Luzon Tie Front Top loosely around this silhouette: when paired together they create an hourglass figure that is still easy enough for everyday wear. 

1950s print ad and the Lujo Jumpsuit

The 1950s were a strange time period for fashion and women in general.  One thing that steadily rose was leisurewear, initially designed to be worn at home but later becoming wildly accepted as the norm.  My favorite pieces from this time are the jumpsuits and cleverly disguised separates.  I love the versatility and ease of a one piece item, it takes all of the guess work out of getting ready.  The Lujo Jumpsuit is a subtle nod to the playsuits and cigarette pants of the 50s that just barely skimmed the top of the ankle.

a dress from the 1960s and the Cerrito Tank

The 1960s were a rebellious time.  Women were more free and able to experiment with their wardrobes and the pop art movement greatly affected designers.  People began to think outside the box not just with silhouette but with color, shape, and texture.  One of my favorite looks is the unexpected, geometric cut at the arm of this vintage dress and the Cerrito Tank.

What are some of your favorite time periods for fashion?



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