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An update about COVID-19 and our county's shelter ordinance

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Hi friends, Haley here -

I wanted to give you an update with what is happening on our end. The Bay Area powers that be have just announced a “shelter in place” order for our county and called for the closure of any non essential businesses through April 7th. This means that in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19, we and many other businesses have to figure out ways to work from home or halt business altogether.

Fortunately, we had started laying the groundwork for our production team to work from home over the weekend. All of our sewing team is going to be able to safely work on your orders from the comfort of their own spaces. However, we aren’t sure how this will work with shipping just yet. With so many unknowns and updates throughout the day the logistics of getting pieces shipped is something we haven’t been able to safely map out. We also are not sure how this all will affect UPS and USPS and are taking it day by day, hour by hour.

This means that your order may take longer than usual to get to you and we can’t really give out any timelines at the moment. We hope that you trust that we are working as best we can under some very unusual circumstances. We hope that you trust that these pieces you have on order from us are items that you’ll be able to love beyond just one season.

We are going to keep our online store open and still plan to move forward with the launching of our Spring line tomorrow. As a small business, taking orders is essential to ensuring that we’re able to stay in business and support our team during this very difficult time.

As always, I appreciate your patience and understanding more than I know how to express. Stay safe and home if you are able, we will all get through this together!


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