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3 Ways to Wear it: The Madelyn Wool Coat

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Only Child was born out of my complete frustration with my wardrobe every morning.  I was working a 9-5 in San Francisco, which meant waking up at 7 (I admittedly am not a morning person), and fumbling around half awake to get myself out the door in time.  Getting dressed was the most annoying part, which was strange to me because I previously had always been very invested in my personal style.

I wanted pieces that I could throw on and go but I still wanted to represent my unique self.  There had been too many mornings where my foggy brain thought it had put together something cute, only for me to realize around lunchtime that I was totally uncomfortable and disheveled. 

So I set out to the big box stores (this was before I really learned about the awful ways of fast fashion).  I bought a bunch of basics that I was sure would solve my problem only to be frustrated at how cheap they looked after the first wash.  I figured to get what I really wanted I had to do it myself!  I started sewing my own clothes and eventually Only Child was born.

The point of that whole tangent was to tell you this, I make each piece knowing that it's something anyone can mix and match with their current wardrobe.  Wearing a great outfit can totally change your day for the better and it starts with solid wardrobe workhorses.  One of those pieces for me is the Madelyn Coat, I know that I can throw it over whatever I'm wearing and it will totally tie everything together.  Here are 3 ways you can style yours:

1.  Cool and Casual

Seasons and Salt Only Child

Break out your favorite blue jeans because it's finally the weekend!  This is an ideal Sunday outfit.  Perfect for heading out to brunch with friends or shopping at a Fall farmers market.  I love the relaxed ease of the Sutton Blouse underneath, it's not too oversized and helps provide a little balance.  

2.  Business Casual

Bring your weekend wardrobe into the workplace by incorporating some of your more tailored pieces into the mix.  Pairing the coat with some structured pants like these and a neutral top keeps the whole look polished and professional.

3. Oversized and Effortless

If you hadn't already guessed, I have an affinity for oversized clothes.  There's something about the relaxed ease that I think makes the wearer look totally cool and confident.  I imagine this outfit being worn to a Saturday night movie or a gallery opening.  The long lines of the coat help streamline and add some balance and the slight heel on the boot helps give a little extra oomph.

Shop the Madelyn Coat here to style it your way!


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